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You may feel the need to change your locks to protect your security and privacy for many reasons. If you are considering replacing the door locks in your home, you should know several things. Depending on your situation, you might choose different locksmith services or types of locks.


Should I replace or rekey locks?


Replacing or rekeying a lock, what does it mean? To replace a lock means changing the existing lock to a new one. In this case, the locksmith will install a new lockset for the door. You can choose to install the same lock as the old one. Nevertheless, people often will want to use the opportunity to get a high-security lock. Rekeying a lock means keeping the same lock and changing only the keys. It is today the most common way of changing the locks of a house.


Should I consider having a single key for all the doors?


Sometimes it can be annoying to have plenty of keys. Some people like the convenience of having only one key that fits all the locks of their house. The same key can open your garden door, entrance door, but also your garage. It implies replacing all your house locks, but it can also be accomplished by rekeying if all the locks are from the same brand.


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