Locksmith Certification

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Summary: To engage in a locksmith profession, a locksmith certification is mostly required

The traditional trade of locksmith is really one interesting profession. And as opposed to the common misconception of making locks every dull and boring day, locksmith professions are among the challenging trades in the security industry.

Though all practitioners of locks, whether breaking or making locks are called locksmiths because they deal with locks, they also deal with several of the latter types that include as much technology as a cell phone unit. Like for instance several security consultants also employ the services of locksmiths to identify the determination of risk versus the level of gain. Some other locksmiths deal entirely with digital electronic locks and security devices, implementing several technologies to complete a security system.

To engage in a locksmith profession, a locksmith certification is mostly required. To that effect, some locksmith certifications are specialized to the locksmith’s skill to a specific lock manufacturer or the locksmith’s experience in the trade. To that effect, locksmith associations offer several locksmith certifications from different key manufacturers which can then be taken until the title of a master locksmith can be achieved.

Here are some sites that offer locksmith certifications.

Assured Locksmith Online
Company Website: www.locksmithcertification.com
Mailing Address:
P O Box 1134
Holmes Beach, FL 34218
Phone: 888-318-8940

Assured Locksmith Online offers three comprehensive locksmith training programs and a locksmith certification upon the program completion. Assured Locksmith Online is certified by the state of Florida Department of Education, members of ALOA and members of the Better Business Bureau, and several key departments of the United States.

Assured Locksmith Online’s locksmith certification test subject includes general locksmithing, key duplication, impressioning keys, basic master keying, key bank identification, codes and code equipment, various furniture basic locks, and cylinder servicing.

Company Website: www.lockpicks.com
Phone: 1-800-480-0875 for US and Canada
Phone: (+001) 408-437-0505 for International calls
Fax:    408-437-3129

Lockpicks.com offers a comprehensive locksmith certification course tackling all the elements needed to start a locksmith trade. Basic locksmithing, key duplicating, code cutting and key impressioning, commercial master keying, safe combination changing, and also lockpicking. This full locksmith course is on CD at $295 which can be purchase online.

LOCKPICKSHOP.COM also offers a complete course on locksmith certification for a price of $295. They also offer several locksmiths learning aids, such as lock picking school in a box at $139.95, seven-pin tubular practice lock at $18.95, visible cutaway practice lock at $55.95, and a visible combination padlock at $55.95.