Airport Locksmiths

Airport Locksmith

If you are a locksmith going to an airport to travel for your own personal business or pleasure, you are sure to take note of the many different locks in an airport. There are locks on employee lockers, drawers, cabinets, supply closets, outbuildings, luggage, restricted access areas, planes, motorized carts, the many vehicles in the lots, etc.

There is no doubt that locksmiths have done their share of visiting airport parking lots to unlock automobiles for weary travelers. Airport security is under higher scrutiny these days, which aids the locksmith by elevating their importance and hampering them by putting their skills and reputation under more intense scrutiny.

Locksmiths who service airport equipment must be able to welcome corporate accounts. They must be bonded, insured, masters in their trade, and security consultants. They must perform services for some very high profile customers and do so in a discreet manner, using class and finesse. They must dress like a professional, speak as a professional, and work as professionals to make the uppermost impression on the bigger clients.

Some of the services an airport locksmith would perform include:

1. Restricted key systems
2. Locks and safes
3. Electric strikes
4. Panic bars
5. Mailbox locks
6. High-security locks
7. Access control systems
8. Buzzer systems
9. Exit alarms
10. Door and frame repair

Some of the hardware companies an airport locksmith would become acquainted with are Gray Tools, Medeco, Makita, Edison, Irwin, Lepage, Freud, Dominion, Canaropa, Para Paints, Kaba, Sargent, Corbin-Russwin, and Yale.

An airport locksmith must have a wide range of knowledge and skills to handle the variety of automobiles they will encounter. He/she would have to make keys, repair locks, change locks, provide 24-hour service, and repair ignitions.
There is a wide range of personalities that any locksmith has to encounter regularly. But in an airport, emotions often are on a high because of the excitement and anxiety in the atmosphere. Travelers and employees are harried, tired, angry, sad, worried, and excited. This puts customer service in the high priority category. Relating to people who are in an extreme emotional state takes patience and empathy. Offering a kind word, showing restraint, remaining calm, and reserving opinions are important for the locksmith. It’s more humane as well as being a boost to the image of the business and reputation.

Word of mouth is an essential form of advertising. If building a big business is important, or creating a franchise line of businesses is a goal, then the word-of-mouth from the various types of people in an airport is a positive step forward. Being considerate to the “little man” is just as important as being considerate to the “big boys” of business.

If you are doing business with anyone associated with an airport, you should emphasize considerate behavior. It will take you farther in life as well as in business. You should be able to understand your limits as well as recognize your potential.